Friday, February 15, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Okay, so I got the most exciting thing this Valentine's Day. A secret card appeared on my desk at work. I can't believe it! It says it's from ?????. It's hand made and someone must really care about me....

Besides the exciting "secret" valentine, I took my valentine to Tepanyaki. For those of you who haven't been there, it's much like Benihana. We had never been there and it was so much fun.
The best part of the night was when the chef threw a piece of shrimp into each of our mouths (I use the term mouth loosely....). Let's just say Boyd was the only one who caught the shrimp in his mouth. Logan was lucky though, his landed right on his eye! It was hilarious! He just picked it off and popped it in his mouth! We all laughed, even the chef.
You may have noticed that Bryant wasn't present for the night's festivities. That's because he was at Young Mens and had what he described was "pretty much a date". Apparently, the boys were assigned to certain girls in the ward, who they had to pick them up from their home and escort them, on their elbow, to the church. Once there, they then opened all of the doors for the girls, pulled out their "date's" chair, and ate a spaghetti meal together, using what manners a 12 year old boy has. Apparently, Bryant has such fine manners that he came home covered in sweat. I'm sure the night involved jumping, running, and probably throwing rolls in the basketball hoopes. At the close of the evening they then escorted the girls home, and much to Bryant's dismay,it didn't end with a smooch (He's going to kill me for saying that!). However, I am proud of the boy, some of the boys refused to get the girls so the Young Men's President counted on Bryant to do the "dirty work". Ahhh, young romance....

I finally found a secret to help me loose weight...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Brace Face

Well, my little boy is now officially a brace face, or as he prefers to be called, "Metal Mouth" or "Iron Mouth". Apparently, he has some missing permanent teeth and the braces will bring his teeth together and we'll never know he was deformed - lol. He has also just corrected me in letting me know he's not little. Okay, so he'll always be little to me, even if his feet are size 12!

Our Wintery Wonderland

With the help of my lovely sister-in-law we were able to get away for the weekend. We stayed in a condo at Wolfcreek resort. It's a beautiful place up Ogden canyon. We had such a great and relaxing time. We watched President Hinckley's funeral beside a crackling fire with no distractions. It was peaceful, serene and our view was spectacular to say the least!
When we woke up Sunday morning, it had snowed at least a foot and a half from between ten pm and eight am! I have never seen so much snow accumulate so fast! I was really worried - we were skipping church to be at the condo and we had to drive through a canyon in some of the worst weather I've ever been in. Heavenly Father forgave us and watched over and protected us on our trip home.
I love a good snow storm - just ask anyone I work with. Anytime it snows when we are at work I cheer while everyone else complains about driving home. Luckily I have a short commute home, and with a little common sense, most people are okay. Rules to live by: keep an extra safe distance from any car in front of you, don't speed up fast or try to stop fast. If you start to slip, don't brake! Now, that I say this, I'll probably get in an accident!
My theory is this: if everything is going to be gray, brown, and dead, let's cover it up with some beautiful snow!

The snow behind these pictures is not snow on a hill - it is the actual shoveled snow off the sidewalk! It was so crazy deep!

My north star - President Hinckley

Wow - what a spiritual week it has been. Saturday was so amazing. I cried and cried, but not really because I was sad, but because I will miss our prophet terribly. In a world of constant change and uncertainty, he was truly my "north star". Testimonies are built line upon line, precept upon precept and I feel my testimony of President Hinckley is one of the cornerstones or foundations of my overall testimony. Through times of trouble and turmoil I have always been comforted by him and his counsel. I am so happy for him to be reuinted with his sweet wife, his mother who died when he was nine, and his father and many others who went before him. I envision our Heavenly Father and our Brother welcoming him into their arms and saying "Well done my good and faithful servant". I truly hope I will get the chance to put my arms around him as well and thank him for his testimony and the way in which he lived his life which allowed him to receive direction and guidance from our Father in Heaven, which in turn, he gave to us.
Many of you probably don't know that Bryant was named for President Hinckley's father. When I was pregnant with Bry, President Hunter passed away and President Hinckely was sustained as prophet. I was sitting on our bed reading an Ensign article about President Hinckely's life when I learned his father's name was Bryant. What a wonderful man he must of been to raise a future prophet! I thought the name was strong and traditional yet not common and that my son would live up to the legacy that has been left to his name.
Logan once asked me how I knew the prophet was a prophet of God. I thought about it and told him that whenever I followed his counsel, I became closer to the Lord and happier. How could he not be a true servant of the Lord if he brings us closer to Him? By their fruits, ye shall know them...