Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ring in the New Year

With illegal fireworks from Evanston and midnight Martinelli's!

Check out this sweet action shot of Logan with his poppers

The biggest kid of them all

After the New Year's kiss

Check out the leftover dinner in my teeth! GROSS!

What do you get when you let the boys sleep out together under the Christmas tree?

This would be Logan, artisic renderings courtesy of big brother Bryant. Try scrubbing this off for an 8:00 dentist appointment the next morning!

Top Ten of the Holidays with the White's

10. Nightly Candy Cane Hunts

9. Christmas with Valley Fair Santa

That's right, I said Valley Fair Santa. We drive out to Valley FAir Mall every year because there is never a line to see Santa. I guess all the gansta's know they've been bad, so what's the use? We had to force Bryant and Spencer to get in the picture, and after they saw Santa, who was very nice, Bryant laughed when Santa said "Mewy Chrithmath". I think that made it all worth it in his eyes.
8. Middle School Band Concerts

7. Sub For Santa
Unfortunately, we were so busy last minute, as we found out a family desperately needed help, I didn't take a moment to capture anything on film. However, we had the opportunity, thanks to Boyd's sister Amy, to help in buying Christmas for a family with three small children who had nothing.
6. Christmas Eve at Mom & Dad's

Neices and newphews: Ellie, Ginny, Addie & Ben all singing and calling out for Santa

Mom & Niece Hannah

Bro. Reese & Logan

Niece Ginny Joo Joo

Bry & Mom and Dad's 8th and favorite child, Deiter

Auntie La & Bry sneaking into the ham...
5. Grandma's Mouse House

Nieces Ginny & Taylor checking out Grandma's creation. I'm not sure of the story behind the mouse house, other than Grandma loves making things by hand, and she crafted this tiny house, complete with a picturesque snow scene outside the tiny window for her little hand-made mice. It's a holiday tradition to go over to Grandma's and see the house.
4. Christmas Eve PJ's

3. Putting out food for Santa's Elves

It was so cold!
2. Christmas Morning

Yes, it's true, that's a Batman figurine. Just like Reese...only Bryant doesn't strip down naked to poop!

1. Another Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa