Thursday, July 24, 2008

End of the Season

Bryant's baseball season has ended for the year. His all-star team he played on did amazing! They wound up 4th place in the state tournament. Not too bad!
For those of you that don't know, and most of you probably do, Bryant has loved baseball since he could walk. When he was little, he watched Sand Lot almost every day, or Angels in the Outfield. He wanted to name Spencer "Roger" after the boy in Angels.
I enjoy watching him do something that he loves and is really good at. Most of these pictures are from a great game - Bryant hit two home runs, and they were not in-field home runs. They more than cleared the fence. It was amazing. Let me set the scene for you:
It's our last up to bat and we are down by 1. Bryant gets up to bat with 2 guys on base. He clears it, and we score three. The opposing team (Hunter/Cyprus!) was last up to bat and scored 2 runs to tie the game. We went into overtime and Bryant gets up to bat, with 2 guys on base again. What does he do? He not only hits a homer, but it was so far past the fence I don't think I've ever seen anyone hit so far. It was amazing and all of the parents were jumping up and down screaming! I was screaming!
At the next game, against the giants of baseball, Taylorsville, he also hit another homer, but we ended up losing by 1, which is amazing because Taylorsville always beats everyone by at least 15 points. Needless to say, the next time we met up with them, it wasn't pretty and I can't remember by how much they won, but they creamed us.
The photo of Bryant giving his coach a high five is as he was rounding third after a homerun. I love that photo!
He's at scout camp right now, and has been since Monday and won't be home until Saturday. I miss him so much! He's swimming the mile in Bear Lake and it seems like just yesterday my little bro Reese was doing the same thing. When he told me he was going to swim the mile I got really concerned. I didn't think he could swim THAT well, but Boyd assured me he could and Bryant was pretty insulted that I was worried. So, I told him that there are parts of Bear Lake where they haven't found the bottom so it was best if he stayed on top of the water. I also told him about the rumored Bear Lake Monster, to which Bryant replied "like Nessie? Sweet!". I could tell by the look on his face he was a little concerned, but obviously I am not above scaring my kids half to death to try and keep them safe.
Reese and Bryant are scarily similar. Their body style, their sense of humor, and all around personality seem like they were twins separated at birth. Scary.


As the boys say from Nacho Libre, SUPREESE! (Surprise with a spanish accent). Well, I threw a surprise party for Boyd for his 38th birthday. Let's just say I had a lot of angst about lying to him that day.
Bryant's baseball team was playing in the state tournament in Bountiful so our baseball schedule depended on whether he lost or won each game. Needless to say, we ended up having a game scheduled right smack dab during the party!
I told Boyd I wasn't feeling well and that I would stay home and get things ready for Mom, Dad, Brian and La to come out.
Now, the fun part. Trying to get him home.
I called and told him the washer was leaking water everywhere. I had to be very tricky about what I told him as I did not want him to rush home and get in a car accident and die. That would make for a very bad party.
Boyd told me to turn off the water in the house and clean it up and everything would be fine. Not what I wanted to hear. So I hung up, sat there for a minute, and then called back. Because I was "sick", I really played it up saying I really needed him to come home, water was everywhere, and I just needed him. This is not the type of girl I usually am. I am pretty independent and can handle most situations, which I think Boyd appreciates. He did not appreciate having me whine and have him make the 45 minute drive home.
So, he got home, walked in the house with the most ornery look on his face, to which everyone yelled "SUPRISE"! He did not look amused.....I walked up to him with a nervous "he, he, it's a surprise party for you he,he" thinking "wipe that look off your face and be a good host, he, he". The "he he" is a very nervous laugh.
It took him a second and then he warmed up. It's a good thing!
I rented a waterslide that is so very fun and we bbq'd. We had a great time, as I think everyone else did. It was fun just hanging out with the family, and it ended up that Boyd felt grateful for everyone who came out, just for him!