Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Does this photo not embody everything about summer? I think it's one of my all-time favs.

Boyd's mom and dad had a waterslide party for Boyd's dad's birthday - it's become somewhat of a tradition and we always have such a great time. I had to sit it out because of the leg. Boooo. But it was still so much fun watching.

The boys with their boy cousins on Boyd's side of the family...

Anyone that knows me, should understand how hard it was for me to not go down the slide. Torture I tell ya!

OH, and big news in the White household, Spencer got to sit in the front seat of our car for the first time. YOu need to be 12 to sit in the front, but he's taller than most kids his age and he will be 12 in 6 weeks. It's always a big day when they get to sit in the front seat. He's growing so much I can't believe it!

We also have big news in another area. For the first time in I don't know how long, Bryant's not playing fall baseball. We signed both Bry and Spence up for football. Practices started this week and they are kicking the snot out of Bry (he still loves it) and I've never seen Spencer happier. Seriously. He LOVES this sport and is doing so good! He's got some work to do on receiving, but as far as speed and tacking, he's kicking butt. He's always the fastest at any of the drills they do. I'm loving watching him play - it sure beats soccer! I feel like I'm cheating on my true love - baseball. I feel guilty we're not at the baseball fields, and I feel guilty that the boys are loving it so much. But not guilty enough I guess. Baseball has defined our family for a while, because of Bry's involvement. I don't think Bry will give up baseball (thankfully), but I'm sure he'll be a better player for this experience. IT's good for him. He's playing linebacker and learning lots of new stuff. However, I think Spencer has found his calling. Stay tuned...

Bryant is off at youth conference - and I miss him. He'll be home tomorrow, and I'm sure he's having a great time. Imagine, little Miss Molly (me) never got the opportunity to go on Youth Conferene. Pretty sad, I always had a job from the time I was old enough go. I can't wait to hear the report when he gets home.

Oh, and I can't forget, school started for Spencer (6th grade - in his own words "I'm going to rule the school!") and Logan (4th grade) this week. Argh! Summer's are for staying home and taking swimming lessons, and camping (although I'm on a camping strike until we get a trailer), and sleep outs. However, the boys only know year round school, so they don't mind. I must be getting old, I didn't take them to school the first day like I always do and walk them to class. I let them ride their bikes and they were as happy as can be. I'm a bad mom.

I'll end with a photo of Bellingham Bay in Washington, where I was at last week. Breathtaking!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Jackson Hole & Jellystone National Park

Best vacation we've ever had! It really beats standing in line at Disneyland in the hot, humid, sun. Don't get me wrong, Disneyland is fun, but this kind of vacation is really my kind of vacation. We went with Boyd's mom and dad and we couldn't have had a better time. They were so incredible and treated Sarah as if she was one of their own grandkids. The best part was being with my family and coming home feeling relaxed, boot and all.

I just love this girl.....

We started the week with Sarah at Lagoon - one of our family's favorite places. What made it even funner was to have La and Addie, Taylor, and Amanda and Brad with us. They are all so fun.

We headed for Jackson Hole, where we had so much fun! We saw the Bar J Wranglers and took a tram to the top of the Tetons.

This would be Boyd giving 4 very tired and slightly ornery kids a little pep talk before the Bar J Wranglers show...

When we were on the top of the mountain Sarah kept saying how breathtaking everything was - and then she said "I'm never going to forget this for as long as I live - unless I get short-term memory loss"! I laughed at that for a few reasons...

The last time I was at Yellowstone, I think I was about 6 years old and all I remember seeing is a buffalo. I think my mom and dad woke me up from a nap to see it. So, seeing Yellowstone last week was really like seeing it for the first time. It was so incredibly gorgeous and peaceful. It was so relaxing, we enjoyed everything so much.

Old Faithful

Lucky for us, we didn't see a wild animal come out of this cave...

That's Grandma and Grandpa White in the car behind us...

Logan LOVES stuffed animals and bought this little cub that cries for it's mama in Yellowstone. He built a little house for him that he was pretty proud of..

We were so hoping to see a bear in Yellowstone and our wish came true! If only my wish for a million dollars would come true...

On one of the nights, we were reading scriptures and getting ready for bed. We were reading in Helaman about Christ's birth and how he would bring a "higher law" to the earth. I was explaining what the higher law meant, and also explaining how the people then were living under the law of Moses. Sarah then said "My mom lives by the law of Moses. When Kate hits me my mom tells me to hit her back. And you know, I am just NOT going to hit a 6 year old!" See, I told you she was heelarious!

We stayed in West Yellowstone and went to a Grizzly and Wolf sanctuary. It was so incredible - we learned so much about wolves and grizzlies and got to see them up close.

Mornings at the White house...

This wolf would totally listen to Boyd and come to him when he called him. It was so cool - I started to call Boyd Mowgli.

I love this picture of Sarah, she said she LOVES wolves, and I tried to get her in the shot with one - you can see if far off in the distance.

The end of a great trip - 5 of the people that I love most in this world!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Miss. Adventures of Mrs. White

I would have really liked to post earlier, but we have a rambler home, and the computer happens to be in the basement. Why would it seem that I could not get into my basement you may say? Well....

Yes, I fell and I fell hard. No, not for another man, just off the side of a door mat. I was so proud of La, she had a backstage pass, and by backstage, I mean backside, to the frivolity and she didn't even laugh! Anyone that knows me, her, or my family can truly testify that that in and of itself is a true miracle. A Christmas miracle in fact. I think she could tell I was really hurt. I even tried to laugh, but I was trying not to cry so I couldn't.
Fast forward 2 days and my mom finally forced me to go to the Dr. I didn't think I could break anything just stepping wrong and rolling my ankle. But, apparently you can, and I did.
Sorry, the leg's all swollen and gross. I wish my legs were like Gin's, and they don't show hair follicle spots. Gross. Oh well, I should have taken a pic from the backside, not of my butt, but the back of my heel. Black and blue and you can really see the softball on my ankle. I even have bruises on the opposite side of the break. Weird!
Now, just call me Bootstrap. For the next 4-6 weeks my lucky boot is my BFF, and it really is. It totally helps me not hurt, and for that, I am truly grateful. Truly. Madly. Deeply.