Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bryant's First Date - Post Date. For realsies.

Last Saturday was a bit of a teary day for me. Could it be that I stayed up until 2am in the morning, and then went out and excersized and didn't take care of myself so I wound up dehyrated and pretty sick afterward? Probably. But most likely it was because my baby had grown.

Oh, he grew a few years ago. But I'm really startin' to feel it.

The boys decided to take the girls bowling and to Jamba during the day before the dance. I then imagined Bryant getting ready for the big night and me sending him on his way. I then realized, this is the beginning of the end. This is what it's going to feel like for the rest of my life. My boys are leaving me. I know, I know, I sound like Agnes Skinner, and I probably am. But the mom of the boy always sends him off and doesn't get to see the date in her cute dress, the mom of the boy sends him off to have some other gal take care of her baby, the mom of the boy "loses" a son when he gets married. It looks like this mom of boys is going to send her boys off and be left all alone. I know, I know, Agnes Skinner...

But I always thought once you become a mom, you always have kids in the house. So not true, and this part of my life is happening too fast. They were just little, I swear. I had all of the boys by the time I was 26, my days of empty nesting are approaching too fast. Some people might relish the thought, but my boys bring me delight every day. And I mean every day.

As I went down the dark path of my boys leaving me in my mind, I started explaining to Boyd what I was feeling as he was preparing a talk at the kitchen table. When I told him how it wasn't fair that the mom of the son always has to send her boy away I started bawling. Boyd froze and looked over at me like I had an alien growing out of my head. When I think about the look he gave me, it makes me laugh. In fact, all of the boys completely froze and looked at me like I was crazy. Okay, so maybe I am, but maybe not. I love my boys and don't want this stage of my life to end. Is that so bad?

Anyway, Bryant had a great time, and he went with a darling girl. She used to be in our ward so we know her family too. At least I sent him away with a good girl who was totally modest. I was very proud of both of them.

Catching up with him after the dance took me back to the days when I was in high school, just a mere 4 years seems like yesterday because it was. It's true, I swear.

I am glad the boys are growing up, but my how my heart hurts when I think about the time when are no longer under my wings and in my roost....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bryant's First Date

I have severely neglected my blog. Oh well, more important things, right? I haven't read any blogs, nor have I updated mine (obviously). Pinterest has taken my interest.

So, what's new? Well...Bryant has his first date...tomorrow! It's Homecoming and I can't believe he's old enough to go. He's a junior!! Lucky for me, he still can't drive on his own, however, that's not very lucky for him or his date. Good thing, my very best friend from high school -Toni - has a son Bryant's age and he just happens to be one of Bry's very best friends. They are all going to Homecoming together and luckily, Cameron can drive.

It's funny, I never thought in a million years that Toni and I would live by each other as adults, we would have sons the same age, they would go to the same school, and happen to be in a group of best friends. What's even crazier? We are old enough to have kids the age we do. I can't believe it. Time goes by too fast.

I love Toni as much as I did back when we were in high school. We still go on "dates" (we need another one soon), and she seriously hasn't aged a day. I, however, do not look the same, but she still loves me the same.

I had to have a talk with Bry tonight about "what to do on a date". Of course we always follow "FSOY" as we call it in our house. For the Strength of the Youth. But more than that, I have always taught my boys to be chivalrous. I NEVER open a door when I am with my boys, they always watch for others women who need their door opened for them. However, I realized tonight that I did not teach him he needs to open the car door for his lady friend. This is one thing I have negleted to teach them or have them do. Boyd always opens the car door for me, but somehow the boys have missed this. I found out tonight that maybe Bryant didn't realize he had to be "extra chivalrous" on a date - that means opening her door, always looking after the girl, never having her tell him she's hungry (he needs to be proactive on that one), making sure she's not too cold, hot etc. I thought I had taught him everything, but apparently I wasn't specific as I needed to be.

He's a good kid and I'm very proud of him. I am pretty sure I birthed him when I was 13. That's right, everyone in junior high missed me having a kid.