Monday, December 22, 2008

The Misfortunes of Logan Owen White

So, Logan came home the other day and told me the grossest story. He said he was sitting in the bathroom stall at school and a kid came into the stall next to him. He could see his feet, and saw the kid "shake a leg". Next thing he knows, the kid shakes a lump of poop out of his pant leg, bends down and picks it up with his bare hands, and then drops it with a "plop" in to the toilet. The best part is, he didn't even wash his hands. BOOOOOO!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bryant really is a Hansen

Runt candy for teeth, an empty "beer" stein, and that crazed look he gets when he's low on fried pig skins. Boy, he does a mama proud!


So, I just got back from an amazing work trip. We were able to spend three days in Palo Alto, California at one of the world's leading product design and innovation firms. It was amazing, but at times, felt like I was in another world!
Everyone rides their bike to work, they are very "green", and eat very healthy. Pretty much the oposite of me. I drank "Silk" for the first time, but passed on the coconut milk and unsweetened organic yogurt. HOwever, I did try the flash dried green beans and carrots - I think they were a replacement for chips. I REALLY didn't fit in!

We went to dinner the first night at an all organic, vegan and raw "restaraunt" called the Gratitude Cafe. It was interesting to say the least. Who knew almonds gave milk? I wonder what it's like to milk them?

It's a "community" restaraunt, so they sit you with other people, who you don't know, if there's no room. Um, I think I'd rather have my own table at Burger King, thank you very much!

Each dish has a "title", and you have to order by the title name. So I ordered an "I am beautiful" shake and I had an "I am fulfilled" desert. When they bring you your selection they tell you, "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" OR "YOU ARE FULFILLED". It was cheesy, but I did end up laughing a lot and feeling pretty good about myself when I left.

I really wish I was as cool as all those IDEO people. I wish I was more healthy and maybe I'll start to strive to leave a smaller "carbon footprint" on this beautiful place we call Mother Earth after my unique experience in Palo Alto, California. It was truly a cool place.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yay Christmas!

Now that we're done with Thanksgiving, it's time for Christmas! That means decor, music, shopping, you name it! Okay, so shopping isn't that big of a deal. We only give the boys 3 gifts, and Santa gives them one. We relate the number of gifts back to the "reason for the season", and hey, what kid can argue with "Jesus only got 3 presents, what makes you think you're so special?".

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOATHE Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas music, but I feel like I'm looking over poor little Thanksgiving and not giving him enough attention if I focus on big bad Christmas, who gets all of the attention, before his time is due.

Speaking of Christmas music, if you really know me well, you will know my FAVORITE Christmas song. Any of you yahoo's Wham fans? If you are, you may know where I'm headed...

My favorite Christmas saying!(Pay no attention to the man in the white suit...)

Thanksgiving at Home

We were so lucky as to have Thanksgiving at our house this year. This is only the second time I've done a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn't that bad or hard! However, I wasn't adventurous, we ate the same-old same-old, but I thought it turned out great. I have to admit, I feel like less of a woman because I did not make my own pie shells!
The absolute best part about Thanksgiving is that my Grandma & Grandpa Savage came over! It was the best part, and I was TRULY thanksful to have them be a part.

Every year we put three candy corns on each plate, and before we eat, we each say three things we're thankful for. After we each had said our part, and shed a few tears, my dad had stuck his candy corns on his teeth to make it look like he was retarded. Okay, so it wasn't that hard to do, but my mom followed suite, and then everyone else did. Unfortuantely, I only got a pic of my mom. We always wonder why we all are so nuts. Now we know!

Boyd-o bought me a roaster. IT was so nice - I was telling him I was worried about having everything hot and ready at the same time. He had mentiond getting a roaster earlier, and after I said what I did, he brought one home!

Boyd absolutely loves Thanksgiving, and he always seems so happy to "carve the bird". I think it's because he can't wait to dig in.

And a family gathering wouldn't be complete without DOUBLE D. THat would be Deiter, but I call him Double D, as in Demon Dog. He's mom and dad's dog, and I have to admit, he's getting less satanic lately. He's so cute, and it's fun to let him and Sarg run around in the back yard. Sarge gets tired of him pretty quick, and Deiter just wants to play non-stop. It's hilarious when Sarge snarls at him. Deiter jumps away - and Sarge NEVER barks or snarls. Just at Deiter, especially when Deiter chases Sarge's tail and bites it!

We had a great time, and I think I need it's time to throw my leftovers away. BOOO!.