Sunday, October 7, 2007

Conference Candy and French Toast

We had Conference yesterday and today and I cannot tell you how much I LOVED staying in! Especially yesterday because it was so cold and rainy!

We made french toast today for breakfast (cooked breakfast doesn't happen too often in the White house, at least THIS White house). I also got "Conference Candy" for the boys to eat during conference. I try to make conference a fun event for the boys.

I told the boys they couldn't have any candy until I could see that they were watching/listening to conference. In years past, I've put together conference activity packs (I was Primary President at the time and did it for the whole primary) and the boys LOVED it! Well, I'm no longer Primary President so a blank notebook will have to do. Logan decided (on his own) to take notes. The following is a recap of his October 2007 Conference notes:

Presadent Hancly
Story of Jothof Smith (maybe Logan doesn't have a lisp?)
Father and Son
Find a way
Articl of Fath
Goldn Platse
Toching the Herts
**Please note, this was just a small portion of his notes. He had 4-1/2 pages!
Spencer followed his little brother's lead and took notes as well.

Bryant decided to play with Legos. Nice. (I made him stop.)

Pup-a-Roni watched too. He looks WAY interested. I'm so glad he's trying to do better.

Can somebody say "voice lessons"?

Thursday, October 4, 2007


So, Bryant was getting ready for scouts last night and I noticed his shirt was extremly wrinkly. I asked him if he got it out of the dirty clothes and he said no. Okay, whatever, at least he was going to scouts and had his "uniform" on. I know, I know, I've just said blasphemous things to all you scout nerds.
Anyway, there was something stuck to the back of his shirt. As I got closer I realized it was a crusty EARTH WORM! Oh my gosh, it was so sick. I showed Bryant and he freaked out a bit. I then noticed he had 2 more on the front of his shirt. He started yelling at me to get them off when I told him "NO WAY it's your wormy shirt I'm not touching them!" One was HUGE! It was pretty funny watching him try not to touch them but try to get them off of his shirt. After quizzing him (rather loudly) I found out that he had left his shirt outside to "dry off", but ended up leaving it out there for days where it blew onto the ground, it then rained on it and thus became a shelter for earth worms.
Let that be a lesson, always put your shirt in the dirty clothes after you leave it outside on the ground and get crusty worms stuck to it. Just in case you didn't realize.