Friday, December 28, 2007

Most memorable moments - Christmas at the White House 2007

Wow, this Christmas was a great one! We started it off right at my Aunt Diane's and Uncle Kent's. What was really nice this year, is that we got home before 1:00 in the morning! That's a new one! We were able to get home, the boys got Santa his treats, we then tracked Santa on the Internet (when we checked he was in the Gallapagos Islands and had already delivered presents to the Eastern side of the US - the boys were freaking), read Luke chapter 2, laugh our butts off at Spencer, and finally put the boys down.
We had opened our traditional Christmas Eve pj's - you can tell the boys knew what to expect on Christmas Eve because Logan stripped down to his boxers and said "are there any presents for us to open?", hence the photo of him opening his pj's and it looks like he's naked...

The best is we found Logan feet pajamas - now we haven't had these in our house for at least 5 years. They were so cute and he was so excited. He was the designated person who ran boxes out to the garage because "my feet don't even get cold outside!". He was in 7th heaven.

After we finished reading the scriptures, we always discuss what we've read. Spencer is ALWAYS the first to point out what he understood. We then ask Logan, who says, "I didn't understand" and then we ask Bryant who says "Spencer already said mine". It's become somewhat of a joke at our house. Anyway, Christmas Eve was no different. Spencer started by saying "An angel named Lo come down and told the shepherds not to be afraid". Boyd and I looked at each other puzzled, I turned back in the chapter to see where he got that and saw the verse that started "And Lo, the angel". We laughed so hard (of course Spencer wasn't meaning to be funny so he didn't appreciate us laughing).

I've been telling the boys about Christmas at my house growing up and how excited my brothers and sisters and I always were. We always got up at least 2 times during the night to peek at the presents - my mom and dad never put their presents for us under the tree before Christmas, so Christmas morning was a huge surprise! Well, Boyd and I finally finished and went to bed around 2:00. Not even 30 seconds later we heard someone in the front room. This is the first year our boys have ever done this - we usually get home too late and they are OUT and don't wake up until 7 in the morning. Needless to say, it's always been a dissapointment to me because I want them as excited as I was when I was young. Anyway, Boyd and I sat there and listened and heard it was Bryant. We heard him try to wake up Spencer (he couldn't) and then he woke up Logan. We sat and listened to both of them - it was so fun. Boyd and I finally decided to take a peek at the boys. It was the sweetest sight I've ever seen. I hope it's one that I don't ever forget. Logan and Bry had drug out a blanket and a pillow and were both sitting next to to each other not saying a word and looking at the tree. We were able to catch a photo:
Bry and Logan begged us to start the unwrapping of the gifts, but Boyd, always the thinker, said no. They then asked if they could sleep on the floor in the front room. We said sure so they dragged more blankets and pillows in. Spencer finally woke up around 3 and was trying to tell his brothers about all of the presents - but of couse, they already knew.
Santa had left a note with the leftover treats he wasn't able to eat (he always leaves the boys a note)and Logan freaked because Santa changed our countdown to Christmas to 0 days. He thought that was way cool.
And of course, since the boys were tiny, Rudolph came in their rooms and gave them kisses. It's great because they clean their rooms really good because as you all know, Rudolph won't go in a messy room.

I think my favorite part of Christmas day is when Boyd opened his BYU stuff. He was raised as a BYU fan, I married a BYU fan, but over the last few years, he now owns so much U stuff it's crazy. It drives me crazy because he switched! I didn't sign up for a traitor! I always give him a hard time and he always says he still likes BYU, he just likes the U better. He finally said he doesn't have anything BYU because I haven't bought anything for him (great excuse), so I took care of that. Boyd collects jerseys (hockey, basketball, football - you name it), so I bought him a BYU football jersey and a Cougars hat. Here's his reaction when he opened them:

Okay, I have two other favorite parts. Nat gave me a GI Joe doll just like the one we played with when we were kids (we named him John and he was missing his forearm). We were too poor and didn't have Ken dolls so he had to do. Of course, Natalie only played with John. Her tag on the gift said " To Angie From Natalie Thanks for the memories". She also gave me a pack of candy cigarettes. If any of you know me, I have always been obsessed with smoking. Mom always told us it was bad to buy the candy ones because pretending was almost as bad as doing. So we always had Becky B. buy the cigarettes for us. I'm having a hard time not opening the pack Nat gave me. After I saw her gifts, I started to cry because there are very few people in this world that know me as good as Natalie and I'm thankful for our relationship. I don't have a memory of being a kid that doesn't involve Natalie in some way - and all of my memories are good!

Then, Laurel gave Boyd and I the most precious, tender gift with a card that, per Boyd, will always be saved. Which, I agree with, it was just funny on how he insisted that we save the card forever. We both sat there and cried after we read her card and saw her gift. She gave us a statuette of a couple embracing. The boys weren't quite sure what to do so they all stood their holding their next gift quietly. Logan finally said: "Can I open my next present now?" We shook it off, but Boyd said that hands down, Laurel made his Christmas. Laurel has always been the sweetest and most kind hearted person I have ever known, and she lived up to her reputation on Christmas. I love her so much and am so thankful for her love and support. I have the BEST family!

Then, my two last favorite quotes of Christmas:

I gave Boyd some Titleist golf balls for Christmas. They were the most expensive so I guessed they were good. When I asked Boyd if they were after he opened them he said: "Oh yeah, Titleist are good. My two balls are Nike and Titleist". We ALL laughed at that one!

Spencer LOVES black people. He wishes we could adopt a black little brother for him. He always comments on how cool black guys are. I asked him the day after Christmas if he wished he was black and he said he did. The funny thing is, Boyd and I always see little black boys that remind us of Spencer and when we did Spencer's look-a-like on, half of his look-a-like's were black, one of them being Oprah! Anway, after he said he wished he was black he said: "I can even talk like I'm black". Then he proceeded to say "Yo baby, what's up?". We laughed our heads off. Again, Spencer didn't think he was being funny, just serious, and he didn't appreciate us all laughing at him.

Okay, so finally, that's it. Our Christmas. It was great!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Live In Concert - One Night Only!

Get ready - you've heard him whail on his brothers and quote Nacho like no other. Now it's your turn to see, live (okay, not really) what you've all been waiting for - my son, the band geek, semi-live in concert! Yes, after a fun filled 10 hours of work, it's a joy to sit through a jr. high band concert. Actually, it was really nice and Bryant was really excited. I was so proud of him - he looked so handsome! He seemed genuinely excited to have our family come and see him in front of his friends at school. It was sweet - we were on our way over to the school and he told me he was nervous because he rocks his upper body to the beat (think of a handicapped person rocking while they're sitting still - it's true - he showed me!). I asked him what rock stars did when they performed and noted how they move to the beat and it would be okay. Then I realized I was aiding and abetting in him possibly being embarrassed so I told him I'm sure he would keep it under control and no one would notice. Bryant told me he wanted to be in the jazz band (7th graders aren't allowed), but after seeing them perform I think not. The beginning band did much better - I couldn't even tell what they were playing! Now a rocking handi boy in the jazz band - that's not a good idea! And, in true Hansen fashion, I couldn't resist this photo op:. It's unfortunate, he had a big wedgie and you can't really tell from the photo. Ah, well, you know I tried!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas present

Our Christmas, so far, has been so fun. The family went up town to see the Bell Choir at the Conference Center (it was Logan and Spencer's first time, so they thought it was pretty cool to be in the same place the prophet speaks to us from). I have to say, I love the bell choir when we go to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert, but I didn't realize I probably like them so much because they play maybe 2 songs in between the concert singing. Well, an evening of all bells for over an hour is a snoozer to say the least. I'm glad they are sharing their talents with us, but dang gina, it was pretty boring.
Every night we are home together as a family - which isn't that many - we choose a DVD from our vast collection of Christmas movies to watch together. We just watched one of my favorites today - "Buzz your girlfriend - woof!" That's right, Home Alone - a Christmas classic. I never get tired of that movie.
Also, when we are all together we have a Candycane Hunt. Boyd or I hide a candycane on the tree and whoever finds it, gets to eat it. The boys love it - it's a family tradition. Logan has kicked bootie this year - Bryant has only found it once and Spencer's found it twice. The last time Logan found it Spencer stomped off because he's getting sick of Logan finding it. All hail, Logan, the Candycane King! We decided to switch it up a bit today and Logan hid the candy cane. I found it - Boo Yah!I guess I know where Logan gets his coolness...

I went into the front room the other night and found Logan looking at the tree. I ran and got the camera and snapped a quick photo...
I love Christmas with the boys. Spencer and Logan are so excited this year - more excited than I have ever seen them. I told them today about how Ryan would always wake me up around 2 or 3 in the morning. We would then round up the rest of the kids and go peek at all of the presents under the tree. Having 7 kids, there were always a ton! We were so excited and always stood there shivering. One of us was the designated "wader" and we pointed out presents for them to go see who they were for. We always freaked out over the big ones. Dad would always hear us and yell for us to go get back in bed. After laying there for another hour, wide awake and excited as all get out, Ryan would sneak back into my room and we would round the kids up again. After looking through all the presents, I remember all of us sitting on the couch just looking at the tree and the presents. I remember holding one of the little ones on my lap and we'd all be whispering and wondering what was inside all of the gifts. Christmas was the best in our house. I still get excited as an adult, just because of the feelings I had when I was little. It's those memories that make me so thankful for my big family. Althought we were poor, we sure knew how to have fun!


Well, after I finished my last post, I went upstairs to find this...

Logan had made my bed, vaccuumed my room, written me a note and put out the books he would like to read me. I have a pile of notes that he has written me just in the last few months. He always draws me pictures, makes me home made books and when I'm on the phone he writes me notes instead of asking me things. He's so tenderoni!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happiness is...


Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day, You gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

Once bitten and twice shy
I keep my distance but you still catch my eye
Tell me baby do you recognize me?
Well it's been a year, it doesn't surprise me

(Merry Christmas - make sure you whisper this part) I wrapped it up and sent it
With a note saying "I Love You" I meant it
Now I know what a fool I've been
But if you kissed me now I know you'd fool me again

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day, You gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special, special, whoa!


Random thoughts by Angie...


It's been too long...

Dang Gina, we've been busy!
A few of the things we've spent our time on:
1. Church. Ahhh, I'm the Personal Enrichment leader and my counselor in the Relief Society doesn't let me plan. At least, I have meetings and then she tells me what to do.
2. Young Men's. Bryant is in Young Mens and they are preparing for the Klondike. He insists his leader wants him to sleep outside before they go on the trip. I'm sure he's telling the truth, but, I can't conciously send my baby in the backyard (BY HIMSELF - WE ARE NOT CRAZY ENOUGH TO JOIN HIM)and live with myself.
3. More scouts. All three are in scouts and I'm not a fan. Just one more thing I don't have enough time for.
4. Cleaning. Does it ever end? Logan cut his foot somehow and didn't realize he was bleeding until he tracked blood all over the carpet and sat there for a while while a blood stain grew beneath his feet. Okay, it sounds really bad, but it wasn't. While it's all true, it's not like there was a puddle of blood beneath his feet. By the way, will there ever be a time when I don't have a set of blinds that have to be cleaned? Every time I turn around, they are looking crappy again.
5. Homework. Ahhhh, I read a chapter in Bryant's Utah History book just because I like history. While he was finishing his worksheet I stole the book and read. I just got done helping him research the Titans.
6. Reese got home from his mission. Poor guy. He has 6 mothers and a dad telling him what to do.
7. Work. If I start going on about this I might have a nervous breakdown. Managing over 1,000 sku's, and products in 33 publications, not to mention developing new products, can make your head spin.
8. Obligatory functions. Enough said.
9. OH yeah, Thanksgiving fell in there. We had Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad (Reese came home the day before) and had the first Thanksgiving as a entire family in (more than?)2 years. It was great.
10. I then did Thanksgiving for my own little family the Saturday after. Everything turned out great - even my pumpkin pies!
11. Christmas shopping. We did one big outing. Now the fun part comes - a million different outings to get 5 things. You know, those things you don't think will be a big deal, but as the "day" gets closer you realize you have no time.
12. Christmas card designs. I was putting together a design for our Christmas cards. I have to do more with it tomorrow. Hopefully I can get cards sent out by next Tuesday.
13. I finished the book "For Retards Only", um I mean, Eclipse.
14. I'm now reading "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz
15. Decorating - Christmas Tree. Check. Christmas Lights on the house. Check.
16. Neighbor gifts. Check. But I still need to make tags.
17. Gift for dads. Not checked. Gift for gals at work. Not checked. I more present for Bry. Not checked. Presents for Boyd. Not checked. Present for Grandma. Not checked.

Anyway, I'd better quit wasting my time. We need to have scripture study and prayers before bed and it's 9:48! Yikes!