Monday, November 19, 2007

100 things about me

I got this from Natalie and Laurel's blog. I laughed my head off while reading theirs...

1. I really should be cleaning my house instead of wasting my time on the computer.
2. Even better, I should be having family home evening with the kids instead of wasting my time on the computer.
3. I love to watch my kids when they don't know it. It gives you a better appreciation for them.
4. Boys are messy, stinky and and funny.
5. I love rainy days.
6. I love food way too much. In fact, I don't know if I've ever had a food that was too "rich". I hate it when I'm eating/wolfing down food with skinny people and they say "Oh, that's too rich. I can only handle a bite". I usually pretend I feel the same way, even though as I'm "agreeing", I look down at my plate and realize I've nearly polished off my "rich" dessert. When that happens, I usually say "Oh! Now I'm so sick". I'm really not, just trying not to look so fat.
7. Like Laurel, I think the funniest thing in the world is when people fall. It makes it even funnier when the person tries to act as if nothing happens and looks around to see if anyone saw. That cracks me up.
8. My funniest moment seeing anyone fall is in high school. Toni and I were walking from out lockers to Seminary. Toni had her scriptures and we both had our Spirit Club uniforms on. Toni fell down the stairs (it was icy), and her scriptures went about 7 feet in the air as she landed on her butt with her skirt around her waist. I laughed so hard she was mad at me for the rest of the day.
9. I love to laugh.
10. Another funniest/laughing moment was in 11th grade. This big girl that wore a unitard to school with a football jersey over the top and no shoes sat about 5 seats in front of me in history class. Well, we were silently reading when she was leaning over her book and she totally farted. The thing that put me over the top was that she looked around very sheepishly trying to see if anyone noticed. I laughed so hard the teacher asked me if there was a probelm. Well, everytime I pictured her face looking around I would start to laugh. 5 minutes later the teacher told me he was going to move my seat if I didn't stop. Well, I couldn't stop and got moved. I still couldn't stop laughing so he told me he was going to dock my grade if I didn't stop it. Needless to say, my grade got docked. I still makes me laugh to this day.
11. One of my most embarassing moments is when a missionary in our ward returned home who was totally hotttt(Shout out to Ed Hegemann). Well, being a senior in high school, I felt I was a prime candidate to be hottie's future girlfriend/wife. Church had ended and I saw him leaving with his family. I thought I would get his attention by being playful with Reese by racing him to the car. I knew he would see my future mothering qualities by this display of frivolity. I ended up biffing it in the church parking lot and put a huge hole in my white nylons and had blood and dirt all over my legs. It was a bad biff.
12. One time I farted in front of an IT guy at work who was trying to fix my computer. I totally acted like nothing happened.
13. I love huge snow storms.
14. My biggest gross out thing is men with long fingernails.
15. If they are dirty it makes me want to barf.
16. If I wasn't LDS I would totally be a smoker.
17. I'm obsessed with pretending to smoke. I still blow out matches really quick and put them in my mouth to pretend I'm smoking.
18. I love water as in swimming pools, streams, etc.
19. I am a huge chicken. I hate scary things.
20. Bryant is a huge chicken like myself.
21. If it were my last meal in prison, I would ask for movie popcorn with extra butter, warm crab with drawn butter, and a virgin lime margarita. Heck, it's my last meal and I'd probably need something to take the edge off, so make that a regular margarita. Oh wait, I'm dying so I probably aught not to commit another sin. Oh wait, I'm in prison so I'm probably going to hell anyway. Make it a martini, extra dry with two olives.
22. If I drank, my first drink would be an extra dry martini with two olives.I know, everyone says that is the worst thing to drink but it's always sounded so good and looks so sophisticated.
23. My favorite cd right now the new Maroon 5.
24. Logan is giving me a play by play of I Robot right now.
25. Sonny died, which according to Logan is a good thing.
26. I love girly things and always have. Most girls say their 16th birthday is the most important birthday, but mine was my 12th birthday as that signified the date in which I could wear makeup.
27. I'm sad to say my makeup choice at that time was purple and pink eyeshadow, blue eyeliner, and on special occasions, blue mascara.
28. I love being a mother to boys.
29. I loved making sandwiches out of everything in the fridge and make Josh Bates eat it. He wanted to be a part of everyone so he always did it with a smile which made it even funnier.
30. I always wanted to do naughty things but never dared to do them myself so I had the littler kids do it and I would sit and laugh. Like the time we tore shingles off of the garage behind the Hill's house.
31. Like the one time we decided to throw rocks at the Evan's house because we thought they were gone to Disneyland. I saw their front door open so I grabbed Natalie, who was closest to me and we hid behind the dump truck wheel. Ryan totally got busted mid throw with a huge rock in his arms by Dean.
32. I loved it when Sam made his doll (I can't remember what he called him, Mr. Crazy or something) do funny things. He made a parachute for him out of a grocery bag and would throw him off things. For some reason I thought it was really funny. The best is when he dipped his doll's hair in a big tub of grease that was in the Sweet's back yard (I know, what the he..) and then "painted" the Morphins newly cleaned truck with grease.
33. My favorite thing growing up was making huts in the Sweet's backyard. It sucked when Shauna came home and always kicked them down.
34. Sleepouts were the best when I was little. Brandon got caught wearing my bikini and running around our tent in it when Dad came out and made me and Natalie go in the house.
35. Another sleepout memory is when we decided to have a pillow fight and Sam nailed Audrey in the face but didn't realize there was a book in the pillowcase and gave her a killer bloody nose. She just sat there and let blood gush down her face and we all stared at her until Charlotte came out and took care of her.
36. Favorite tv shows growing up: Dukes of Hazzard, Facts of Life, Diff'rnt Strokes, Scooby Doo, Fantasy Island, Solid Gold and The Love Boat.
37. Another sleepout memory: Brandon and Randy doing naked dances. I always wanted to look but would take peeks with my eyes almost shut so I really couldn't see any "details". Becky was always starting wide eyed with a big grin on her face!
38. Toilet papering. The best is when we ran fishing line from Dymocks house to the fence of our house (before we lived there) across the street. We were wishing for a bicylist to come by (why would anyone be riding their bike in the middle of the night?) when, not kidding, one really did. I don't even remember what happened to him and all I can remember is laughing my head off and the anticipation of seeing him totally biff it.
39. I told Lance Dymock that we had midgits buried in our front yard and be believed me.
40. I told a guy I met on state street that I was half mexican and that my mexican dad owned a hubcap store. He believed me.
41. I told a kid from Viet Nam in jr. high that I was a blackbelt in karate. He believed me.
42. I told Josh Philpot that my mom and dad had to live in the hut we built at our old house because our house was too small, which is why we moved down the street. He believed me.
43. Logan just came to tell me that Sonny realliy is alive and that he's not really bad.
44. I had a awesome childhood.
45. I love all of our awesome neighbors who are now really family. Shout out to the Bezzants and the Sweets!
46. The uglier people/kids are the more I can't look at them. I know that's terrible, but one time I was interviewing this guy that I couldn't even look at he was so ugh.
47. I really need to work on not judging people's appearances. And then not talking about them and trying to make people laugh about them.
48. I try not to lie. I even don't say a baby is cute if it isn't. I always say it's sweet, because all babies are sweet, right?
49. I always wished I could be in a music video when I was in jr. high and would pretend to lip synch in the mirror and act like I was in the video. Okay, who am I kidding, I still do that!
50. I am terribly self-concious and critical of myself.
51. I always wished people thought I was pretty and that a famous director would see me at the Valley Fair mall and ask me to be in a movie or music video.
52. When my mom would paint my fingernails when I was little I would pretend to be a Price is Right model and would "showcase" products around the house.
53. Even though Nat and I fought a lot, I absolutely loved her and really looked up to her.
54. Ryan and I decided to get back at Nat because she would always get me in trouble. Mom would say "You are terrible and you must have said awful things to her to make her cry because Natalie doesn't cry!". Natalie would be behind my mom laughing at me as mom was yelling at me so Ryan and I would secretly spit on her pillow to get her back.
55. When we would get really mad at mom growing up (we weren't allowed to talk back), I came up with the idea to throw things at her picture in our basement. That is how we got back at her! Ha!
56. One time my cousin was babysitting us and she told us if we would get get away from her and go downstairs (so she could watch tv) we could do whatever we want. I remember saying "Whatever we want? Okay....." We dumped all of the clean laundry into a water bucket and threw it all over the basement.
57. I hate kids who scream.
58. I hate it when kids don't acknowledge that you are talking to them, and to me, they seem retarded. But I really know they are just bratty which makes me dislike them even more.
59. I love to read and think the author of the Twilight series is a terrible writer. Okay, not terrible, but really, for the millionth time, I know that Edward is so handsome it aches and I know his amber eyes can pierce right through Bella. Seriously.
60. I have a soft spot for Harry Connick Jr. What a hunk.
61. I really did experience love before I met Boyd.
62. I have always liked boys and never went through a "boys are gross" stage.
63. I love great smiles with great, straight, white teeth.
64. I try to be grateful for everything I have and to see the positive.
65. Expect when I'm dealing with screaming or "pretending to be deaf" kids.
66. I hate it when people say "sorry to interrupt" and then proceed to interrupt. No they are not sorry or else they would stop and wait their turn!
67. I love the people I work with.
68. I love that my family is getting older and we're feeling the need to become our own little unit with our own traditions. Not that I don't love my extended family, but in all honesty, as everyone gets their own families they are not as fun anymore. I am going to proudly and boldly state that I did not get boring when I had my own family!
69. The good old days are when my sisters absolutely smothered Bryant when he was little and would fight over who got to feed or change him.
70. I am so thankful I grew up in a big family.
71. My mom and dad were and still are the best examples I could ever ask for.
72. Guilty pleasures: People magazine, George Michael, Hannah Montana.
73. I am a very independent person and always have been.
74. The downside to that it no one ever thinks you need anything.
75. Becky Bezzant and I once shot their neighbors tent with Brandon's bee bee gun about 100 times.
76. I've learned that there are things you never thought you would be able to deal with/get through, but if you are faced with them you can and just have to.
77. Never say never.
78. Sarah Peton is the closest thing I'll probably ever have to my own daughter.
79. I love all of my nephews and neices, especially because they are a part of my brothers and sisters whom I love so much.
80. I'm a people watcher.
81. I hope my nephews and neices think I'm cool and funny.
82. My favorite smell in the whole world is Downey. I wish they made a Downey perfume.
83. I'll bet if I washed my clothes more often, I might smell like Downey and wouldn't need a perfume.
84. I hate it when I realize my boys have long fingernails in church, or look at them in church and realize they haven't brushed their teeth. Or smell their disgusting breath and about barf and realize I don't have any gum in my church bag.
85. I couldn't believe I had to have this conversation with my boys: "You never put dirty underwear and/or socks on after getting out of the shower!"
86. I LOVE the fall and Thanksgiving. Especially this year as my entire family will be together!
87. The harder you have to work for something, the more worthwhile/rewarding it is.
88. I love taking naps with my boys.
89. I wish I could go back in time when my boys were younger.
90. I have loved every stage my boys have ever been in.
91. I used to love to cruise state street. I did a few dangerous things there.
92. I was sooo excited for my first stake dance and had visions of some cute boy asking me to dance (or a few cute boys asking me to dance) and dreamed that they would think I was cute. Here's what really went down: I didn't get asked to dance until the very end. Then, the BIGGEST nerd (who was in the Cyprus High School band - I was 14) asked me to dance. Unfortunately it was a slow dance so I made sure to dance at full arm's length distance. As I was walking to the dance floor with him, I mouthed to my friends to help me. Becky Baumgartner came over to us in the middle of the song and said her mom was waiting outside to pick us up and we had to go. It was the best save ever, but then we had to wait outside for a long time before her mom showed up.
93. I was the biggest nerd magnet EVER. Every grade in high school had a few nerd stalkings. I just wasn't as nice as Natalie and I usually thought of an excuse to say no.
94. I only went to 2 stomps in high school because I knew I wouldn't get asked to dance for most of the dance and the only dance offers I would get would come from nerds. I would leave the gym whenver a slow song came on so I wouldn't have to go through another painful nerd dance session.
95. I have always known to my core that the gospel was true and that my Heavenly Father exists and loves me.
96. I know Heavenly Father loves nerds too and so should I.
97. I am going to finish colledge. Ha! I thought it would be funny to misspell college as I haven't graduated!
98. I love to tease.
99. I wish I never would have given up dancing.
100. I wish I had more time.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Boyd and I always say Spencer looks like a black boy in a white boys body. Well, after doing the celebrity look alike, yes, we are correct. Most of his celebrity matches are black. We just didn't know he looked like Oprah!

I know, it's been forever!

I know, I haven't posted forever! Not only have I been crazy busy, but our computer broke. Boyd's nice brother-in-law fixed it for us and we are now up and running! Yehaw!
I got the idea to do a look-alike meter from Laurel's blog. We always have people telling us that the boys look like either Boyd or I, but never both. They are always firm on "Spencer looks just like you!" or "Spencer looks just like Boyd!". I've never looked at my boys and thought they ever looked like me, especially Bryant. Apparently, he does. Crazy!

Whose boy is he?

Whose boy is he?

Who's boy is he?

BBB Triple Threat- Bogie Bears Baptized

Well, Logan, our baby, was baptized. It was such a great day! His Grandpa White baptized him and my dad confirmed him and gave him a beautiful blessing. It was such a wonderful day and I felt the spirit so strong! Logan is the best surprise our family ever received, and on a day like this, it reaffirms Heavenly Father's hand in things.

He hardly seems old enough to be baptized! It's funny how your oldest seems pretty old, yet as we get around to our youngest doing the same things the older boys did, he just seems so much younger. Probably because we baby him! :)
We so appreciate the love and support everyone showed us by sharing this amazing day with us. It was good to have family, and all of our friends who are family as well, surrounding us. We love you all!