Sunday, March 15, 2009

Laugh till you can't breathe....

This would have been the kind of video we would have made as kids, and I would have cast Neal P. at the lead character!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sexiest People on Earth - A Celebration o f the Perfect Portrait

Meet Ronald. Ronald likes vienna sausage, his momma, and following little piggies all the way home. Seriously? I bet his mom was like 45 when she had him, so she's super old and he's an only child. What parent would do this to their child? "Hey Ronnie, let's take a picture with the brother you never had." Poor kid, I thought it was a girl and I felt bad. Then when I realized it's a boy aka "Ronnie", and I felt even worse.

Okay, so the funniest person on this earth, my sister Laurel, has the funniest website on her blog. How many more times can I say funny? I have to copy her so I can share the wealth of laughs with all of you.

As Boyd would say "She's looking at me like I am a 20-piece chicken mcnugget!"

All I have to say I "heart" Robbie. MEOW!

Death of a Fridge

So, I woke up on Tuesday to melted frozen berries and ice cream streaming out of the fridge.
The boys came running in saying something had exploded in the freezer. Boyd has a bad habit of putting soda in the freezer to get cold quickly and forgetting about it. What does this do? Soda cans explode in freezing temperatures. However, this was no soda accident!
The weirdest thing, the top 1-2 shelves of both the fridge and freezer were no longer cold. Boyd and I tried all day to figure it out. We turned it off, cleaned out the back of the fridge, underneath the fridge, took out food etc. We tried it all. So, we then went fridge shopping. Not the funnest when you are leaving to Hawaii in a week and a half. Oh well, things could be WAAAAY worse, and they have been, believe you me!
So, we had no milk for a few days and new Mr. Fridge was scheduled to arrive today. Old Mr. Fridge still wasn't working until late last night, when WALA! The water Boyd put on the top shelf (just a little pudddle, on purpose) finally froze. Although it started working again, we had already purchased a new fridge and we both decided we couldn't put up with a fridge that just gets cold when it wants to. That's just unnacceptable in the White house. I need my bon-bons frozen and my caffeine free Diet-Coke cold baby!
Well, the new fridge came today and guess what? It doesn't fit! Boyd measured everything before hand and we knew it would be a tight squeeze, but it's not squeezing anymore and has about 10 inches to go.
So, I sent the delivery guys home and Boyd will need to deal with it when he gets home. The good news is, Boyd can fix anything and I'm sure he'll figure out a way to get the fridge in it's rightful place.
Now, the rest of our appliances are calling for stainless steel and our floor is calling for wood! I wish it could happen tomorrow, but it won't, and I just have to be patient. I have a great kitchen, that I love. I shouldn't be so wanting and be more grateful. Boyd's been working on the basement for a year and we cannot do any other home improvements until that's done.
Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Winter Wonderland

We had a small snow storm over night (I think it was Wednesday night) and I couldn't help but notice the beauty on the way to work. I pulled over a few times and snapped these photos.

NO matter where I travel, I always come home to Utah, where I think it's one of the prettiest places on earth.

Sweetest calling in life besides mom? Aunt!

So I had the absolute privledge of having Lindsey and Ryan's kids over for a sleepover. I have never even gotten to babysit them before! Ellie's going to be 5! What kind of an aunt am I? Ever since Natalie and girls went away, and a quite a large part of my heart went with them, I just haven't been the aunt I was born to be. I always swore my siblings kids would love me and think I was the best aunt ever!
So, first off, it was so therapeutic to have little kids in my home. I have been struggling with the fact, for a long time, that I had all of my kids by the time I was 26, and the realization that having little children is really a small part of a big life. Although they are one of the best reasons to live, this time of my life was a super short period. I often find myself in tears.
Anyway, I loved having a little guy in the house with cartoon underwear, having to help him with his jammies, and a new experience, having a completely mature and darling little girl. Lindsey's kids are so loving, happy, and funny! They have been taught so well and have the best manners. Ben explained to me during dinner, that first of all, our stools were way to hard for his bottom, and that you have to say "excuse me" when you burp and "bless you" when someone sneezes. Even Bryant said "their parents taught them good! They have the best manners!".
I found that Ellie can be my gal pal and I look forward to indulging my barbie dreams with her. We were totally going to watch Enchanted when the boys "talked" (it didn't take much) Ben into watching Over the Hedge. We were out voted.
Anyway, we had so much fun and the Ben and Ellie readily give hugs and kisses and they reminded me so much of my own when they were little. Even the smell of their hair! Ellie had a nightmare and woke up screaming and I felt so lucky that she wanted to sleep with me for the rest of the night.
So after a night of making our own mini pizzas, watching a movie, and setting up a tent in the family room, we were ready for bed. We had such a great time!
I look forward to many more sleepovers with them and hope that I can find my "inner aunt" again with my neices and nephews!

My heroes!

It's been a while since my last post and I've been meaning to get this up.

So, Boyd had to work a graveyard shift the other night and I could have sworn I heard someone jigglin the doors downstairs. Yes, for those of you who know me well, I am a paranoid chicken wimp.

Luckily for me, I birthed three sons and my oldest is now taller than me, so I needed to put them good use, right? I called the boys in my room and told them they needed to check downstairs to see if anyone was down there. It's true, I sent my boys to their potential doom/distruction.

So, after I swear, at least 20 minutes, they were finally ready to go and "check things out". I was pretty proud, not one of them told me I was crazy, they were all ready to go and fight for me. Lucky, huh?

Well, these picturs are real - this is their real attempt at facing a "robber". Okay, the poses and expressions aren't, but the get ups and weapons are.

I could hear them whispering as they were planning what weapons to take with them. Logan felt especially smart as he thought throwing army guys and balls at a potential thief would stop him dead in his tracks, and then he'd use a pencil to poke him to his death.

Of course, there really wasn't anyone downstairs. This experience made me think of when Boyd and I were driving home from our ultrasound with Logan. I was telling myself it wasn't true that I was going to have three boys. Me? Three boys? Yeah right. At that point when I almost started crying, Boyd said, "well, look at it this way, you'll be the most protected mom on the block!". It looks like he was so right, I really am the most protected mom on the block!