Friday, April 17, 2009

Logan's Wax Museum

Logan's grade had a wax museum where they were all allowed to choose a figure in history to represent. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. They had the lights turned down low and instrumental music playing so you really felt like you were in a museum.
All of the kids were dressed in their costumes and had to hold a "freeze frame" position. Logan chose to be George Washington. Thanks to an amazing dad who put his costume together because mom was working late, and a large photo of "The Prayer at Valley Forge" in our family room, Logan's costume was excellent.
HOwever, Albert Einstein was NOT happy to be there, and especially didn't want to stand still. Boyd and I were laughing because here's this little boy with a gray wig on totally throwing a fit by himself and no one was paying attention to him. I wish I had a pic.
Anyway, a few kids made fun of Logan's boots and I told him he should have said to the boys that he was going to kick their butts with his lady boots and then they'd be sorry. He gently reminded me that he was a wax figure and couldn't talk.
Anyway, I was thankful I got to go see the little guy, who really isn't so little any more.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally - Hawaii 09!

After a busy 2 weeks, I finally have some time to post some pics!

BOyd and I had a GREAT time! We LOVED the Big Island. So much to see and do, with such different climates on the small island. It's also still very rural, which was my favorite part.

Our first view of the island...

The resort was INCREDIBLE!

Also part of our resort!

We rented a soft-top jeep to scoot around the island in.

We flew over to Oahu for the day and visited Pearl Harbor. Amazing.

The PCC - so dang fun!

A Buddhist temple on Oahu - part of Pearl Harbor was filmed at this location, and LOST was setting up to film here too this day!

Boyd exploring. My fourth boy...

The sunset on the night of the luau was GORGEOUS!

This was one of my favorite things, hiking down into the rainforest to go through the Thurston Lava Tube. It's where lava once flowed through to get to the surface of the island.

BOyd loves to golf - so how could we go to Hawaii and not have him golf? He spent one of the mornings golfing while I read by the pool. A bit of heaven you know...

Celebrating the end of a great trip. If you can't jump on beds at home, where can you jump on beds?

16 years - yesterday (4.9) was our anniversary! Love you babe! We make a great team after all!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Question of the Day

Logan: "Can we go to Granny & Bomps when it's conference half-time?"