Monday, June 23, 2008

My OTHER Birthday Boy

Boyd C. White
Born: June 23, 1970 Salt Lake, Utah

Boyd is the cutie in the middle - I love this photo! I'm pretty sure none of my children got any of my genenetics (thank goodness). He is so cute, and I'm sure that's where my children got it!

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Pie Goo Fan (Chinese breaded pork chop)
Favorite Dessert: Bing (Chinese shaved ice)
Favorite American Food: " Taco's ha ha ha, those aren't American. Well, I guess they are North American! Okay, Steak."
Favorite American Dessert; "Klondike bars - I'm not really a dessert fan"

Sweet bellbottoms!

As Bryant says: "we like short-shorts!"

Boyd-Taiwan Taichung Mission

Boyd 38 years - and he gets better and better every year!

Favorite Movie: "Haaaaa - there's a lot of movies I like! Such as, Count of MOnte Cristo, Incredibles, Cars, James Bond Casino Royale, Star Wars, Indiana Jones"
Favorite Band: "I like the Beatles, but they're probably not my favorite. I like Billy Joel stuff pretty good".
Favorite thing to do: "Ha ha ha, work I guess, that's all I do!" Angie: "Okay, now for real". Boyd" "YOu know I like fishing and golfiing!" Okay, I thought he was going to say something perverted....
Favorite TV show: "How it's Made and How Do They Do That" (Discovery Chanel Junkie)

Well Boyd, we've been together 15 years, and you're nearing 40. I have to say you really are like a fine wine - (I am the cheese that compliments your whining) you get better with age! I love you sweetie!

Birthday Boys

I've been too busy and it's been too long! We're having a birthday boy bonanza this weekend!
My baby Bry is now 13 - an official teenager! I keep teasing him that I see pimples growing every time I look at him!
Unfortunately, he was sick for his birthday - he had a baseball tournament game he had to miss, and I had to stay home with Logan who was also sick while Bry, Boyd and Spencer went and saw the Hulk and then went to a Crashup Derby. They had a blast, but we all agreed it would have been more fun if we were all together!

Here's a snapshot of Bryant at age 13:

Favorite movie: "Iron Man"
Favorite color: "Blue"
Favorite Sport: "Duhhh, Tennis. Come-on Mom, it's baseball!"
Favorite Dessert: "Ice Cream" (we had Superman ice cream for his birthday)
FAvorite thing to do: "Play with my friends/hang out"
Favorite band: "The Killers or Poison" Mom: "Poison, what? How do you know who they are?" Bryant: "Poison! I know who Poison is, they're like 80's singers!"\
Things he hates most: "Chores and working in the yard outside"
Favorite food: "Chinese! Of course Mom!"

Bryant, by Mom
Twinkling blue eyes
Mischevious grin (ready to break out at any time)
Braces that I'm always telling him to scrub
Ultra messy room
Doesn't complain so much when I ask him to shower anymore
Getting more into clothes/shoes
Funnier than all get-out
Loves baseball
Enjoying scouts more
Loves to jump on the trampoline
Enjoys air-soft wars with the neighbors
Loves to babysit (and the kids he babysits in the ward love him too!)
School still really isn't his thing
He's absolutely delightful to be around (when he's not bugging his brothers)
Loves to bug brothers!
Loves to be with his family
Honors his Priesthood
Cleans the kitchen very well
Super smart
Distracted easily
Excellent impressions (ask him to do his Waterboy, Goonies, Nacho Libre, Napoleon, Benchwarmers, or Happy Gilmore impressions, they're hilarious!)
Loves to stick his head out of the car window like a dog!
Good photographer
Loves to ride his bike (let's not talk about his Dad's bike that he left to be stolen!)
All around good kid!

I Love you Bry!