Friday, October 24, 2008

Disneyland 08

We were able to go to Disneyland last month and had such a great time. We spent time at the beach and also hit SeaWorld. We were ALL so excited to go and ended up having such a great time. With the exception of almost losing Boyd and Bryant to the ocean....

We spent a day at the beach in Seaside and decided to buy a boogie board for the boys to play with. Boyd kept hollering to Bryant to go out further, and I kept getting after him as the waves were pretty rough and he doesn't know how to "swim in the ocean". Boyd finally went out to show him how it's done, and they both started to drift farther and farther out. We were by a large man-made rock pier and as they drifted farther, they got closer to the rocks. I started to get really worried and finally stood up to yell for them to come back in. Just as I stood up, Boyd started to scream for me to get help. It was the scariest moment of my life! I started running (Bryant informed me I "wasn't even running", but trust me, I was running as fast as I could!)down the beach screaming for anyone to help me. Finally, someone came to help and I guess someone called Baywatch. David Hasslehoff showed up in a yellow truck. However, Boyd and Bryant were able to get up on the rocks without getting tremendously hurt (I swear it was a miracle)before David could slow motion jump into the water with his red dinghy (that sounds bad!). Boyd and Bry had a few cuts and scrapes but were okay. I was mad at Boyd for a few hours, and traumatized for a while. It was one of those: "I'm so freaking glad your okay, but now I'm going to kill you!". Bry was shaken up and didn't really want to talk about it and Boyd definitely received a few "I told you!'s" from me. The scariest thing, was hearing my husband, who always seems a bit invinsible, screaming for help. I will never, forget that for as long as I live. Now, onto better memories...

We went with Boyd's family - his mom and dad, sister Amy, Brad & Amanda, Rebecca, Young, Alyssa, and Helen, Bart, and finally John, Angie and Jaxon. Boyds mom and dad really made this happen, as we had been planning the trip for years - truly. They got a condo for us all in Seaside and paid for all of the grandkids 3-day passes to Disney. We are so thankful to them - things like this don't happen for our family very often.

I LOVE Disneyland - it reminds me of being a kid, and as we walked through the main gates and down Main street, me being a true Hansen and having the waterworks gene, started crying. I mean, how many more times was I going to have an opportunity like this, with my little family and my kids still under my wing?

Boyd's mom and dad reserved a morning for us at "Goofy's Kitchen". It was so cool - the characters come and visit you while you eat, and the food spread was amazing. Peanut Butter & Jelly pizza, huge chocolate chip cookie pizzas, hot dogs & macaroni & cheese (even in the morning!), made to order omelettes, Mickey Mouse head peach cobbler, Mickey Mouse pancakes (of course), and basically any other breakfast food you can imagine! Of course, it was a buffet.

Boyd's sisters, Amy and Amanda, brought everyone a huge gift bag stuffed with presents before we left. They had (or Dad had) written a poem that went with each gift - snacks for the trip and customized White Family Disenyland Trip 08 t-shirts. They were darling and everyone asked us where we got them. Most thought we had them made for us in Disneyland!

So here's a glimpse into a great memory our family will always have. Here's to the White's - Amy, Brad & Amanda, Mom and Dad, Young, Rebecca, Helen and Alyssa, Bart, and John, Angie and Jaxon. We had a great time!

Free at last...

FREE AT LAST! What does a mother get when she only has sons?

Boogers on the wall, jock straps in the car (or purse), toothbrush "bans", basketballs, footballs, baseballs, soccer balls and even volley balls, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Rocky trilogies, and weekends alone when scout camp comes along.

Bry and Spence are at scout camp tonight - it's Spencer's first overnight camp and he was so exited, especially after we spent a boatload of money at the Army Navy Surplus store (I had no idea how cool that store is, we found many treasures). That's another sign I only have boys: I think the Army Navy Surplus is "cool".

Boyd decided to go, and at the last minute, Logan decided to go too. I think he mainly wanted to go because we let him buy an Indiana Jones hat with his own money from the ANS (Army Navy Surplus) and he couldn't wait to really break it in. I have to say, he got many compliments on it today as we ran errands - but you need to take the complimenter into consideration. The door guard at Walmart, the overly knowledgeable Scout man that works at the Scout store. Need I say more?

SO, I have 4 boys in seventh heaven tonight and I'm going to eat Oreo Double Stuff cookies and watch one of my many chick flicks. Calgon take me away!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Briant the Giant

So, I got a letter from the National Babe Ruth Little League home office, and they've asked for Bryant's photo and stats for their 2008 edition of "The Best Players in Babe Ruth Little League" book. The letter goes like this:

Dear Parents:
Congratulations! Your child, Bryant, has been selected to be included in the 2008 Edition of "The Best Players in Babe Ruth League."
This book has been created to recognize the accomplishments of those players who have been named as an All-Star for play in local district competition. These are the best playes in Babe Ruth League!

Blah Blah Blah....

We would be honored by and look forward to receiving your acceptance of this honor and your permission to have your child, Bryant, included in this book, the 2008 Edition of "The Best Players in Babe Ruth League."

The book will become part of the permanent libraries and archives of National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and Babe Ruth Hall of Fame in Baltimore.

Apprarently, the players were selected "based upon their accomplsihments as players during the year of the edition in question. The names of these outstanding players were supplied to us by your league based upon their accomplishments in the field as a player and/or leader which enabled them to be chosen as an "All Star" at the local level. Players who are included in any given year's edition as an "All-Star" are the elite players of their league and represent less then 5% of the total of the players in their league".

So, I think it's an honor, but also a way for all of us parents to buy the book! Who knows how much it really means...but I think it's pretty dang exciting.

Bry's been given some amazing opportunities - our neighbor coached college baseball and wants to take him with him to some of his practices to play with his current team. He says he plays with a bunch of x-MLB players. He was also able to get play with one of the pitchers for the Arizona Diamondbacks 2 weeks ago. His All-Star coach is his brother, and now that it's off season, he came to give the boys some pointers and play ball with them for pratice.

I hope Bryant can learn how important his grades are and continue to develop his talent. He was definitely born to play!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mini Diapers

So, Boyd, Spencer, Logan and I were at Wallgreens picking up some Alka Seltzer Cold & Cough. It's our drug of choice for the long, cold, winter months. We're at the checkout stand when Spencer, in his Spencer way, says "COOL! MINI DIAPERS!".
I looked over to see what he was talking about, and saw that he was holding a package of Panty Liners.

I started to laugh, holding it in, trying not bring further attention to him. Because I didn't respond, he said again "COOL! MINI DIAPERS!". Both Boyd and I look at each other and we are laughing so hard, but again, trying to keep it under control,when AGAIN, Spencer says "LOOK! MINI DIAPERS - FOR LADIES!?". At that point, everyone around had heard him and I am doubled over trying not to scream out in laughter. The cashier heard it all and finally said "It's okay, I have three boys". Enough said.
Boyd and I ended up walking out laughing so hard, but never told him what they actually were. I think when he realized they were for "ladies" and saw that we were laughing, he knew he touched something he probably wanted to stay away from.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Boges turns the big 09!

So, Logan's birthday was September 11th - the day after Spencer's. I never thought it would be a big deal - in fact - when I was in labor with Logan, on Spencer's birthday, the nurse said "You don't want to have two kids with the same birthday!" I didn't say much, but thought "Whatever - at this point, I would really like to have them on the same day!" Well, it's pretty dang hard. I refuse to make them share days, cakes, or anything else. I've always made sure their birthdays are very separate. I have to admit, it feels a little like Groundhog Day when Logan's day comes around.
Logan wanted an air soft machine gun so very bad for his birthday. Boyd and I got him one, but it promptly got taken away that night. Now, Logan is no stranger to air soft - he's the youngest of 3 boys. He's been around it for a long time, and has owned his own pistol for a few years. He always wears his goggles and has always been quite responsible. However, responibility went out the window the day he got the treasured "machine gun".
Let me set the scene for you:
It's 9:00 in the evening on Logan's birthday. We've had dinner and cake and are wrapping up for the night.
Knock. Knock. Knock.
I throw on my robe and think "Who the heck is coming over unannounced at 9:00 at night?"
I open the door and it's the neighbor who lives behind us.
"Hi Sister White. Um, I think one of your boys was shooting at my boys when they were in the backyard playing tonight".
Mom: "GASP" "Oh no - my boys were out there....LOGAN!"
Logan is on the pot down the hall...
Logan; "What Mom?"
Mom: "Where you shooting at the neighbors behind us tonight?"
Logan: "Yeah, but I'm pretty sure I didn't hit them!"
Neighbor: "At least he's honest!'"

Yes, the gun is gone, hidden in the hollows of my closet. When will it return? Maybe when he's 21. I think I'll make him take Hunter Safety before I give it back. Then at last he migh be able to hit his target!

Luckily, Logan wanted double chocolate cookies and mint chocolate chip ice cream for his birthday dessert. I always try to get one of them to pick something other than cake - even if it's cup cakes. Logan usually does. But that would be typically Logan - he is so extremely easy going, everyone loves Logan.

How would I sum up Logan in 1 word? I think it would be either "sweet" or "love". He truly slept through the night at 3 days old and always slept through from them on. H hardly ever cried as a baby, and when he did, I would always explain how he cried like this: his cry sounded like he was trying to say "Um, I'm getting a little hungry. Just to let you know. No pressure, but when you get a chance, please remember that I'm here and pretty hungry". His cry wasn't demanding - you know how some babies have such demanding, loud cries? Not Logan.

He is so tender and kind to everyone (with the exception of the neighbors). He gets you right in the heart - I have people tell me all the time "I don't know what it is, but there's just something about Logan that get's me". Yesterday, Reese told me he has a really hard time getting mad at Logan, but can get mad all day long at the other two. It's true - he hardly ever gets in trouble, and when he does, he's not used to it, he just sobs. I would say Logan is a champion for justice and fairness for all. He really gets concerned when he sees others breaking rules, or kids treating others unfairly.

He's a lot like Bryant, in that, he usually likes whatever Bryant likes. He loves choclate, chili, doughnuts, chicken, riding his bike, "getting my hair", snuggling, giving kisses, football, and playing with his brothers, no matter what the play is.

His easy going temperment can also be a curse, as I thought something was wrong with him before he went into Kindergarten. I couldn't get him to memorize his alphabet. The other boys had it all down at 2, and I swear I didn't even have to teach them! Turns out, he's just fine, he just didn't really care to learn the alphabet. You know how kids go through a stage where they insist they do everything on their own? Not Logan! He's just fine to have others do things for him - I'm sure he'd love it if I still spoon fed him. He didn't walk until he was 15 months, and again, I'm pretty sure he realized he had a pretty sweet deal having his mom tote him around everywhere and didn't really care to go anywhere that I didn't go!

So, here's to Logan, the angel sent to our family! I truly believe that with all of my heart.

Butser Turns 11!

Spencer (or as Katie used to call him, Butser) turned 11 on September 10th! We had an employee visit from China and she asked which one of my boys was my favorite? I told her I loved them all for different reasons. Spencer, I love how incredibly smart and analitical he is. I love that he has his own mind and really analyzes everything and doesn't take things necessarily at face value. I mean, the kid wouldn't read fiction books for the longest time! They weren't true, so he stuck to the dictionary and encylopedia. No kidding!
He was such a good baby - he hardly ever cried and didn't really talk until he was 2. I really think he didn't say anything because he felt he didn't have anything profound enough to say yet.
How I would sum up the birth of Spencer? Love at first sight. I absolutely adored him the minute I saw him (I think you can see a little of that adoration in the picture above).
I wish I could go back in time - I often wonder how I didn't just sit and love and play with my boys? How did I ever get anything done? If I could go back, I'm sure I wouldn't get anything done, but I also wouldn't care if I did.
Spence is incredibly funny, he just doesn't put it out there like Bryant does. He can do GREAT impressions (ask him to do the impression of the farmer on Napoleon Dymanite. It cracks me up).
A typical conversation with Spencer is as such (this is a true conversation):
Mom: Wow! Look at the sunset - it's gorgeous!
Spencer: Actually mom, it's really sad because the colors are created by pollution. The more pollution, the better the sunset.
You have got to love him.

He LOVES the Packers (we didn't teach him to love them, he just does!), anything with sugar, twice baked potatoes, math, science, the game Apples to Apples, Funniest Home Videos (who doesn't love a good kick to the crotch?), and the Beatles.
He is incredibly sensitive to the mood of our home, particularly to the mood of his mom and dad. He can sense everything, no matter how hard I try to hide things. He has such faith, he is my example (we used to call him the Prayer Police) and he is an extreme perfectionist, almost to a fault. He's a such a good boy that I am proud to be the mother of. I love you Spence!

I often think my boys are too good to come from my loins. Now the truth comes out, pictured above is Spencer's birth parents.

I love this pic- it reminds me of before Ginger and DJ had kids - Ginger and DJ both ADORED the boys and loved to spend time with them. I never had to watch my kids or change a diaper when Gin was around!

Sarah P. and Spencer on their first day of pre-school. They are the best of friends/cousins.

Bryant decided Spence needed a trim. This is the result of me fixing his hair - having to save it all off!

I just had to throw this one in. Evil Spice a.k.a Sarah P cracks me up in photo. Spencer's like "What the....?"

So much to do, so little time!

Oh my- it's been much too long! I had this false impression that I could keep up on my blogging this summer - the kids are out of school, it's the lazy days of summer, right? Oh how wrong I was!
Bryant started 8th grade, and while he's on a traditional school schedule, the other two are on year round. Spencer started 5th grade, with Boges starting 3rd.
Me, being the horrible mother I am, didn't even take a picture of Bryant on his first day of school. How could I forget that? Meh - at least it's not as bad as when Logan was the only kid at his teddy bear picnic at school without a teddybear OR a picnic. Good times, good times.
We've kept busy with baseball all summer and fall, football for Boges and soccer for Spence and sleepouts and Logoon and birthdays, and not to mention, our big family vacay - Disneyland! I thought about Jr. Jazz for all three this winter but then again, I think I'd rather have some sort of sanity in the next couple of weeks. They can play out on the driveway, right? With Boyd, we've almost got a full team built into our family!