Thursday, September 27, 2007

What fun is being a parent if you can't laugh at, I mean laugh with your boys?

Life with Boges

So yesterday we were at Bryant's baseball game and it was freezing cold. It was about 9:00 at night and I was holding Logan underneath my coat for us both to get a little warmer. If you don't already know, Logan LOVES hair - he always has and probably always will. We've joked that he will probably take a wig with him on his mission.
ANYWAY, he was playing with my hair and snuggled up when he looks up at me and says:
"You are the most beautiful mom in the world" (This is not uncommon, because he probably tells me this at least 3 times a week.)
He then puts his head back down. After a minute he looks up again and says:
"And the most beautiful lady"
Silence. He looks up again and says:
"And woman"
"You are the best smelling mother in the world"

"Like a blossom"


"Like a princess"


"You smell like a rose"

Don't tell me that boys are the best!

Then in family prayers he says:

"Please bless dad that he will be safe at work and won't get shivers".

At the end of his prayer, Spencer sternly corrects him and says: "SLIVERS!"

Logan says "Oh". The funny thing is, Boyd doesn't work with wood! I guess it's the thought that counts, right?

When I got home from work, I received a note, which is not uncommon either. He always leaves notes on our bed. I think I have about 4 on my bedside table at the moment. Today's was particularly sweet because he had picked a flower on the way home from school and attached it to the note. In case you can't tell, it says "Happy Birthday sorry I'm late"

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yes Logan, You may take ONE photo...

Brothers and Sisters, please share in a moment of silence for the Lumina...

We are gathered here today to say goodbye to the Lumina, the 1995 Chevy Lumina to be exact. Lumie (as I like to call her, gave up the ghost last week and returned to her maker. We all know she is no longer in pain and is with those who have gone on before her, such as Festie the Festiva, Citti the Citation and Yoda the Toyota Truck. She will truly be missed and has served us well. How blessed we are to have the gospel in our lives and for the knowledge that we will all be together again one day.

There, there, don't cry. You know she wouldn't want to see you that way. Lift your head up, dry your eyes and know that she will always be with you.

I'll build you a rainbow, way up high above.

Send down a sunbeam, plumb full of love.

Sprinkle down raindrops, teardrops of joy.

I'll be happy as spring-time, watchin' over my boy.

(Narration) Once there was a boy named Boyd. He had some great friends, but his greatest was his car. Not in some sissy way like that. She was just different than the other cars. While they were busy going to their fashion shows and bridge parties, she was home with him. They'd play in the backyard together, go on car rides, have long talks, She was the best football player on the whole block. At least that's what the other guys said. They really thought she was special. You know, they wished their cars were more like that.
Then one day Boyd was called home from school. There was a big white ambulance in the driveway. When Boyd walked into the front door, his wife was talking to the mechanic, and Boyd was scared. They said he could only talk to his car for a minute, and when he tiptoed into the bedroom and saw his car lying on the bed, she smiled and whispered, "Hi, Big B." that's what she always called him, even though he wasn't very big. She said he had a big heart.
She said, "Boyd, I'm going away and I won't be coming back. I'm dying." Big tears came to Boyd's eyes and he said, "Lumie, you just can't die," And she said, "It's OK Babe, there's no regrets. I've been with you more in twelve years than most cars are with their boys in a whole life time." He said, "I know Lumie, but you just can't die, you just can't" And she said, "Boyd, there's a secret. It's a special secret, and I never want you to forget it...Families are forever, and even though you won't see me, I'll still be there watching over you and waiting for you." And he said, "But Lumie, if I can't see you, well then, how will I know you're there?" She thought a minute, and then she smiled and answered..."

I'll build you a rainbow

Way up high above

Send down a sunbeam, plumb full of love

Sprinkle down raindrops, teardrops of joy

I'll be happy in heaven

Watching over my boy.

She kissed him, closed her eyes, and she was gone. As Boyd and his wife stood in the driveway watching the ambulance drive away, his wife broke down and started to cry. They hugged each other real tight and Boyd felt his wife's teardrops on his own cheeks and cried too. Then he remembered the secret and he looked up and sure enough, there it was, right over their house, a big rainbow, just like she said. And he said, "Angie, Angie, it's alright...Families are forever."

I'll build you a rainbow

Way up high above

Send down a sunbeam, plumb full of love

Sprinkle down raindrops, teardrops of joy

I'll be happy in heaven, watchin' over my boy.

On a slightly happier note, Thank you DJ and Carmax! PARTAAAAYYYY!

The Science of Slime!

Soooo, the boys were supposedly eating breakfast in an attempt to get ready for school when I heard "Ooooooh, we didn't do it right! It's not turning out". Well, I ignored it and later I heard "Spencer, Spencer, it's transforming! It's transforming!". Okay, this time I needed to go see what was going on. The second I walked into the family room the smell of puke overwhelmed me. My first thought was, oh no, the dog barfed in the night and it's been sitting and settling into the carpet. Then to what to my wondering eyes do I see but two silly boys making slime in front of me! Logan had got a Slime Science kit that gave him the ingredients to make different kinds of slime. I asked what the heck they were doing, because it was nearly time to leave for school and they both replied they were trying to make a bouncy ball. As I walked closer to the "slime" the smell of puke intensified. I picked up a slimy piece of bouncy ball and realized the slime factory was the smell culprit! I had to take all the newspapers they had laid out on the table to the OUTSIDE garbage, it was so bad. When I told the boys to throw the slime away they both bawled that there was one more slime to make. Needless to say, we kept the slime in the garage for the day while they went to school. I overheard Spencer telling Logan to just wait because the last slime was supposed to smell like dirty socks. SICK! NEW RULE: Do not make the mistake of buying your boys a slime kit and secondly, if you do, make them do it outside! As I tried to wash the barf smell out of my hands, Logan came over to the sink looking a little green and told me Spencer made him touch the slime with his hands and he couldn't get the puke scent out. He was really physically sick to his stomach! I helped him wash again with butt loads of soap, but it still wouldn't take the smell out. As I dropped him off for school (and he still looked very peaked), all I could tell him was not to put his hands close to his face. Lucky for me, the school never called for me to pick up my barfy child.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Momma's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys...

Bry's GF (he's saying goodbye...)

Birthday Boys and the Kanab Cowboys

Wow, we've had a busy week. It was Spencer's birthday on Monday and Logan's birthday on Tuesday! Spencer got a Ripstik (which are totally cool and I'm sure I would never have a chance in he.. riding one) and Logan got his first new bike. Their presents were a big hit! Spencer said his Ripstik was better than he even imagined (after riding it) and when I picked Logan up from school he said he couldn't stop thinking about his bike all day. They then set their alarm clocks for 6:00 the next day and got up and had eaten breakfast and were ready for school by 6:30 (which is a world record for my boys) so they could ride their bike/Ripstik before school. I had to make them wait for it to get light outside before letting them out!
I had a business trip to Kanab on Thursday so the family came down and played while I was in meetings. We all squished into Jeep Liberty (they are tiny) and made the 5 hour trip and got home last night around midnight. We were lucky because we all arrived home in one piece. I was afraid we all might beat each other to death being in such close quarters but we ended up having a great time. The boys had a blast and we've decided we want to live in Kanab! It's a great small town and so very pretty (if you like desert). I didn't think it would be pretty because I usually don't like the desert landscape, but the red rock mountains were gorgeous. The town had shut down for the high school parade and everyone was talking about the big football game that night. I would love to raise my family in a small town!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

My mother, the drunk.

I guess the older you get the farther you get from the Holy Ghost. It's quite unfortunate.

Summer Lovin' Memories

Boyd on the Liberty/Ellis Island Ferry with the New York City landscape behind him!

I saw Wicked in Chicago for the 2nd time. My all-time favorite musical!
Bryant's all-star team won first place in the Granger Invitational (that's Bry - the tallest one in the back with the catchers gear on. They then went on to the State Playoffs and got knocked out in the 3rd game by Taylorsville, who consistently dominates the state in baseball.

Like brother like brother... Bryant and Logan both playing catcher. Logan's following in his big brothers footsteps. Spencer likes to create his own!

One of my oldest friends, Becky Fish. We spent the 24th of July with her family and her parents. It's become a Bezzant/White tradition!

Spencer and Logan's awards for the end of 1st and 3rd grade. Spencer cleaned house and got the most awards in the 3rd grade!

Boyd and his little sister Amy at our family party. We rented a bounce house and an inflatable waterslide. Both the kids and the adults had a blast!!

Like mother like son! Boyd and his mom. She's a pretty cool grandma to do this!

My son, the band geek...

Okay, so now I've jumped on the band wagon. I always love reading Laurel's blog, although admittedly I don't get around to it as much as I'd like to. I can't get enough of seeing ladies butts with melvins.
As I thought about our summer at first I thought we'd had a pretty boring one. But as I went through pictures I realized it's actually been a great summer for the White Family. Boyd and I went to the Panama Canal in April, New York in May (it was Boyd's first visit), I had a business trip to Chicago (my favorite city), we sat through probably 50 baseball games in both the freezing spring and the sweltering summer, Bryant turned 12, received the priesthood and started Jr. High, we went camping and got rid of our evil peeing cat!

We spent last night hanging out with Mom and Dad. It was great and they seem to be so comfortable in my home, which I love. The following is the conversation of me telling Bryant that Granny and Bomps were coming out to visit.

Mom: "Hey Bry, Granny and Bomps are coming out to see us"

Bry: "Why?"

Mom: "They just want to visit with us"

Bry: "Well, that's unusual, what, do they need to borrow money or something?" (then Bryant imitates a conversation with himself and his grandparents)

Bry aka Bomps: "Hey, can we borrow $700?"

Bry: "Sorry, I'm clean out of cash." He's hilarious.

Bryant's taking a band class and has decided to play the saxophone like Granny (Boyd totally wanted him to take a band class while I begged him to take a design class. Way cooler in my opinion and I really don't want to have a band geek for a son!) Mom then gave Bryant saxophone lessons. We laughed our butts off listening to Bryant "play" for the first time. All I could think is "please don't be a nerd, please don't be a nerd, please don't be a nerd....".

We spent this morning at the soccer field watching Spencer's game. Logan surprised Spencer by making a "flag" that he planned on waving during his game. Spencer's team is named the Golden Daredevils (gotta love 9 year old boys) and Logan was his biggest fan today. Logan's flag was "creatively" constructed using a toothpick, a napkin and a pink highlighter. Go Golden Derdevels!!!

Now you see why living with boys is the funniest adventure of a lifetime!