Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nike's, Angie, Natalie, and the 80's

Prominent in international street scenes since the early 80's, the Nike Cortez is a true star classic and takes the reign for defining retro. Featuring a durable bottom and a lightweight nylon upper for easygoing comfort,the Cortez is clean cut and can accommodate any outfit.

If you haven't read my sister Natalie's blog, you really should. I have the funniest sisters ever, and she writes incredibly well.
So she talked about a story where her first pair of Nike's were mismatched, because my mom found them on clearance somewhere, and how I stuffed my feet into them, although they were a few size too small for me. Remember, mom bought these for Nat.
And yes, it's true, my feet are a slave to fashion. I have never cared about how shoes feel, just how they look. Case in point, I found these snakeskin stilettos this week, bought them, and almost fell twice at work. They were so hard to walk in - I bought them a little bit because my foot looked better in them. Man, by the time I walked out of the door at work, I almost took them off. I had to walk so slow as to not have them flip off and me biff it. Yes I always have been, and will be, a slave to fashion. Just don't look at any pics from my "ugly" era. Years 1994-1996/7. WOOF!
So, Nat's blog had me thinking about my first pair of Nike's. I remember when they were the coolest thing EVER! Well, when I finally got my first pair, they were from Grandpa Savage. He worked at a spa or something and somebody left their shoes and I was the sweet benefactor of their forgetfullness. I really felt like I was somebody after that day.
My second pair of Nike's were pink - had an odd style - but hey, they were Nike's, right? I bought them with my own money from Pick n' Save. Now that I think about it, I don't think Pick n' Save would have Nike's so I'm sure they were Mike's.


DJ and Gin Family said...

Jeez, I'm feeling left out, I neve got a pair of Nike's when I was a kid. In fact, I don't think that I have EVER owned a pair before. Maybe I'll go pick up a sweet new pair of Cortez to wear with my velour track suits.
Also, about Bry's science project. My bro in law tried it too and researched it a bit. He found out that they had used glow stick juice to make it glow. That's gross about the teeth thing, I wouldn't want to touch some strangers teeth. Taylor decided that she wants to test which antiseptic works the best. I just forked out $28 for petri dishes, so I have to do something to use them. Thanks for the ideas though!

The Peton's said...

HA! You almost biffed it twice? I would have paid money to see that. CASH MONEY!!

Yeah, I think you're right on the Mike's thing. Pic n' Save-Poo-Face surely wouldn't have Nike's. Just like K-Mart didn't have Ked's or Reebok. Just some knock off version of Reebok called Brittania or something like that. I'm lovin' the Nike pics. I'm tempted to go retro and buy a pair - a matching pair - just for old-time's sake. I know a guy who works for Nike - maybe he could score me a pair. That would be sweet!

Hendricksonblog said...

I am opposite you. I will only wear shoes that are comfortable, tis why you see me sporting none most of the time.

jen said...

Oh, how I miss seeing you everyday! You DO have great taste in shoes though (and you hide your pain well!) I never remember any complaints, just the stylish "adopter of Chinese children" mama!