Monday, May 24, 2010

Yes - I will make all your dreams come TURE!

This post is completely random, but take what you get and don't throw a fit.

The epitome of Chinese to English translation:

This was a big booth at the Canton Fair - I don't even remember the product they were trying to pitch, and I wish I did, because I really do need my dreams to come ture!

Ahhh, it's been a busy few months, but it seems as though it never ends. There is never a lull in anything.

Boyd is almost done with the basement - he has done a BEAUTIFUL job:

My craft space/office...

Spencer's room

We'll also have another spare bedroom, and we left the other big space as our permanent storage room. The bathroom won't be finished, but we are calling the carpet guy this week. I am so excited to be able to send the boys downstairs and have friends etc. out of the main traffic area of the house.

Boyd has done everything by himself, with the except of Dan and his bro. doing the wall texture, and his dad and brother coming over and helping out where they can. He has worked hard, and it's taken a long time, but it's been worth it.

For more bits of random, I was going though photos and found these pics of a bouquet Boyd gave me for v-day. I did not realize I had some freaky eyes staring at me through the blossoms until now...

Gotta love those boys. Speaking of loving my boys, I was talking to my dad and relating to him how my boys have the same sense of humor I have, and the same sense of humor my brother and sisters and I had growing up. One of our favorite movies is Mr. Mom. I LOVE that show - it's such a classic!

We had my neices over and the boys were excited to show them the movie - they thought the girls would love it. When it was over, the girls said "it wasn't that great". Wasn't that great? What? They totally killed the boys!

Anyway, I will leave you with one of my favorite lines from the movie (aside from the clip). Can I....have a myself? Name that scene.


Lindsey said...

One of my all-time favorite movies!! The line is after the little boy decides to 'man-up' and get rid of the woobie.

The Peton's said...

I'm so sorry and ashamed of my girls for not appreciating that movie. And, they have not seen Karate Kid or Back to the Future, either. But they DO have star wars and lord of the rings memorized. Oh, I'm ashamed. I am seriously neglecting my maternal duties. I promise, I'll do better.

Just the 5 of us... said...

Karate Kid dvd? Check. Back to the Future Trilogy dvd's? Check. All 3 boys loving aforementioned movies? Check.

Hendricksonblog said...

Oh i have missed your posts. My favorite Chinese sign outside a Chinese food place was "we delivery" but I am loving this one too. We haven't done Mr. Mom yet. I need to put that on my list of to dos.

Angie said...

Ang! Your basement looks great so far! Boyd is pretty amazing! I love the picture of the flowers with Logan & Spencer in the background! You always amaze me! Love ya!