Monday, June 28, 2010

My Old Man Turned 40...

Boyd turned the "big 40" this last week. I met and married this guy when he was a wee 23 years old. Boy, how time does fly!

Boyd's sisters and I decided to throw Boyd a surprise 40th birthday party - you have to go out of your 30's in style, so we decided on a 80's themed birthday party. I lived the 80's and still love the 80's. Ask anyone - 80's music is my fav. Howard Johnson, The Thompson Twins, Janet Jackson, MJ, OMD, and the list goes on...Boyd too lived and loved the 80's, in fact I had to pry a triangle, circle, and square desiged bright sweater out of his hands at one point in time. True story.

Thanks to friends and family for showing your love and support for Boyd and our family. We had awesome costumes, sweet prizes (Adventures in Babysitting DVD, Hulkamania DVD's and 80's cold cereal)and a way fun time. Boyd was so surprised - here's some of my favorite pics of the evening:

And last but not least, my old man with his big gift for the night. He's gonna need these!! Here's to another 40 years - he definitely gets better with age!


Natalie said...

HOLY CRAP! Toni looks like the 17 year old Toni I remember. That's crazy!!! And Nancy looks like she's 16. What the heck?

Sorry, although Spencer was fly, he's from the 90's.

I'm so sad I missed it. I hate when you have your awesome parties and I'm not in town!! Tell Uncle Body Happy 40th. Love you guys!!

Hendricksonblog said...

All I can say is "AWESOME"
I would have loved to see Toni and Dan at Walmart like that.
Pegged pants on Laurels man are good too. You are a good woman for being willing to change his depends.
I on the other hand am completely turned off by grown men in diapers.

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

That was a great party.

I still get sick to my stomache looking at Reese though.