Monday, December 27, 2010

Yes, I'm still alive....

I have been so busy latetly, and frankly, I've been jealous and super negative towards anyone who has the time to blog all the funny and cute little quips their rugrats make. Or how about those scrapbookers that have time to scrapbook "All about me"? That's just sick. And wrong. I live in a world of juggling a full time career and a growing family who think when I "cook" pasta with store bought sauce that I am the bomb. Keep their expectations low, that's my motto.
In an effort to diffuse my negativity towards those mothers who get to stay home and "live the dream", I thought I would blog and see if I feel any better. It helps that for the first time in my working life I have been able to take off the week before Christmas, as well as the week in between Christmas and New Years.
Boyd bought me "Xanadu" for of my favorite movies. As I watched it today, I realized my desire to look and skate like Olivia has not diminished over the years in the least bit. I still want to be just like her as much today as I did when I was little. If I could describe what is really in my heart in a few words it would go something like this:
Olivia Newton-John
Roller Skates
George Michael
Bo Duke

My love for these things never fades. And, look at this movie poster? Can't you see why I love her so much? I mean, she's gorgeous and her skates with legwarmers can't be beat! Oh, and how she accessorizes her hair with beads and ribbons. I could just die!! I mean, where can you find a movie that will give you Greek Mythology, 80's punk, grown men doing the splits on a tight-rope, juggling, Gene Kelley, roller-skating, dancing, 40's big band, cartoon animation, and awesome music? Nowhere I tell you, nowhere!
One more thing, I can sing every word of every song in this movie too. Thanks to Amy who had the Xanadu record and a stereo complete with a microphone. We spent many days belting out the hits from this movie on the "rainbow" (how appropriate) on the Douglas T. Orchard playground. I own the cd now too....Olivia/Kira, wherever you are, I still love you at age 37 just as much as when I was 8!


Hendricksonblog said...

Well those of us who have some "home time" to blog are sad that you cannot find the time to do the same. I get great pleasure from Hansen Humor and plus you and your family always look to be having so much fun. I would like to borrow a few of you for a week. I still think about your gross dinner trick and am sure I will use it once or twice once I have teens

Angie said...

You really should blog makes me smile.

Do you remember Myrna Chadwick? I took dance from her. We did an awesome dance to the song Xanadu and we even used roller skates. Pure AWESOME!

I will come and watch that movie with you :)